Bernhard Melbye Voss - conductor/composer/pianist

The Vienna-based Danish-German conductor, composer, and pianist Bernhard Melbye Voss made his conducting debut with the Austrian Radio Symphony Orchestra with a Danish program at the Wiener Musikverein. Driven by his passion for film music, he started working as a session conductor for film music productions at the internationally acclaimed Synchron Stage Vienna in 2021, conducting scores for Netflix, Disney+, Marvel, DC Comics, Amazon Studios, Warner, Paramount, AMC, BBC, Dharma Productions, Tencent, Blizzard/ActiVision, Apple Arcade and others. With a profound interest in languages, the relation between music and languages, and in the linguistic features of music, he also works extensively with opera and with singers in general. After finishing his conducting studies at the University of Music and performing Arts, Vienna, he continued his studies of Italian opera in Rome with a scholarship awarded by the Foundation of Queen Ingrid of Denmark. Besides working with several European orchestras, he is the chief conductor of the Valsassina Chamber Orchestra, Vienna. His pianistic focus on improvisation is based on his fascination with the similarities and connections between different cultures and styles of music and as a composer, he has chosen to work with a wide range of stylistic influences. In 2021 he conducted the world premiere of his first symphony on the main stage of the Donauinselfest, Vienna.